• April 3, 2020

Clim4Vitis Workshop in LIST, Luxembourg

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The 3rd Clim4Vitis workshop took place at the premises of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology and the Institute Viti-vinicole on 17th and 18th February, 2020.

The workshop saw participation of researchers from Portugal, Italy, Germany, France, Austria and Luxembourg sharing their experiences in modelling pests and diseases in vineyards and the potential application of the models for climate change impact studies.

On Day 1, LIST’s CEO Thomas Kallstenius used the occasion of the workshop to welcome the participants by outlining the element of sustainability within LIST’s activities as well as its contributions in the emerging Luxembourgish innovation ecosystem. Lucien Hoffmann, director of the ERIN department followed with the second welcome speech highlighting the importance of climate change impact research for Luxembourg, especially for local viticulture.

Day 2 of the workshop focussed on stakeholder involvement and took place in the premises of the Institute Viti-Vinicole in Remich, the facilities of the grower cooperative VinsMoselle in Wormeldange and the wine producer Cep d’Or in Hettermillen. The Clim4Vitis consortium members received an insight into wine production and marketing structures in Luxembourg that will facilitate a better understanding how adaptation to climate change can be implemented in more northern vine growing regions.

Lessons learnt during the development, implementation and application of integrated pest management models and their transferability to the climate modelling domain were highlighted in the Round table discussions.

Day 3 and Day 4 were dedicated to the 4th Clim4Vitis project meeting including a discussion with the Advisory Board Staff, and exchange seminars.  Below is a consortium picture taken after the project meeting.

Event photo gallery: