• December 17, 2020

Clim4Vitis Stakeholder meeting 11th December 2020 – “Climate change and viticulture: the role of UNIFI”

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Posted By: tanvirsingh

The stakeholder meeting “Climate change and viticulture: the role of UNIFI”  has been held online on the 11th December 2020 involving several agronomists, oenologists and local winegrowers. The aim of the meeting, organized by UNIFI, was to strengthen the collaboration among researchers and Tuscan winegrowers for facing up the current issue of the climate change impact on viticulture.

After the opening session of Prof. Marco Bindi about the importance of Clim4Vitis event for raising awareness on the impact of climate change on viticulture issue, the meeting schedule continued with the presentations about Clim4Vitis project (Dr. Marco Moriondo, CNR-IBE) and the role of UNIFI in climate change and viticulture research (Dr. Luisa Leolini, UNIFI). Thus, the floor has been given to the keynote speakers: Dr. Gennaro Giliberti responsible for the agriculture sector of the Tuscany region, Dr. Rosanna Matteoli for the Montalbano cooperative of olive oil, and wine (Pistoia province), and Dr. Michele Brandi, agronomist of the renowned Frescobaldi wine company. Finally, the world cafè was organized and the participants were assigned to four different topics on climate change, research, and viticulture (1. The current issues of viticulture, 2. Measures for copping the impact of climate change, 3. The contribution of the research in viticulture, 4. Your farm in twenty years). The discussions addressed by each group were reported and analyzed in the final debate with interesting hints to improve the collaboration among researchers and stakeholders on climate change impacts in viticulture.