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Clim4Vitis contributing institutionTitleJournalPublishedMore Info
LISTKlimawandel im Luxemburger
Weinbau – Teil 2
Weinbau1801February 2022+ More info
LISTKlimawandel im Luxemburger
Weinbau – Teil 1
Weinbau1801January 2022+ More info
UTADEuropean Grapevine Moth and Vitis vinifera L. Phenology in the Douro Region: (A)synchrony and Climate ScenariosAgronomy1801December 2021+ More info
UTADAssessing the grapevine crop water stress indicator over the flowering-veraison phase and the potential yield lose rate in important European wine regionsAgricultural Water Management1801November 2021+ More info
UTADModelling the phenological development of cv. Touriga Nacional and Encruzado in the Dão Wine Region, PortugalOENO One1801September 2021+ More info
UTADTemperature-Based Grapevine Ripeness Modeling for cv. Touriga Nacional and Encruzado in the Dão Wine Region, PortugalAgronomy1801September 2021+ More info
UTADSimultaneous Calibration of Grapevine Phenology and Yield with a Soil–Plant–Atmosphere System Model Using the Frequentist MethodAgronomy1801August 2021+ More info
UTADAre Land Use Options in Viticulture and Oliviculture in Agreement with Bioclimatic Shifts in Portugal?Land1801August 2021+ More info
UTADClimate Change Projections of Aridity Conditions in the Iberian PeninsulaWater1801 July 2021+ More info
UTADClimate Change Projections of Dry and Wet Events in Iberia Based on the WASP-IndexClimate1801June 2021+ More info
UTADEuropean grapevine moth in the Douro region: voltinism and climatic scenariosOENO One1801June 2021+ More info
UTADClimate Projections for Precipitation and Temperature Indicators in the Douro Wine Region: The Importance of Bias CorrectionAgronomy1801 May 2021+ More info
UTADParticle film technology modulates xanthophyll cycle and photochemical dynamics of grapevines grown in the Douro ValleyPlant Physiology and Biochemistry1801May 2021+ More info
UTADPhytochemical screening and antioxidant activity on berry, skin, pulp and seed from seven red Mediterranean grapevine varieties (Vitis vinifera L.) treated with kaolin foliar sunscreenScientia Horticulturae1801April 2021+ More info
UTADShort-term adaptation of European viticulture to climate change: an overview from the H2020 Clim4Vitis actionIVES Technical Reviews, vine and wine1801March 2021+ More info
UTADLong-term adaptation of European viticulture to climate change: an overview from the H2020 Clim4Vitis actionIVES Technical Reviews, vine and wine1801March 2021+ More info
UTADOptimising grapevine summer stress responses and hormonal balance by applying kaolin in two Portuguese Demarcated RegionsOENO One1801March 2021+ More info
UTADInternational trade, non-tariff measures and climate change: insights from Port wine exportsJournal of Economic Studies (Emerald)1801October 2020+ More info
UTADPerformance of seasonal forecasts of Douro and Port wine productionAgricultural and Forest Meteorology1801September 2020+ More info
UTADClimate Change: A New Challenge for the Winemaking SectorAgronomy1801September 2020+ More info
UTADOverview of Kaolin Outcomes from Vine to Wine: Cerceal White Variety Case StudyAgronomy (MDPI)1801September 2020+ More info
UTADThe Interplay between Atmospheric Conditions and Grape Berry Quality Parameters in PortugalApplied Sciences (MDPI)1801July 2020+ More info
LISTUniPhen – a unified high resolution model approach to simulate the phenological development of a broad range of grape cultivars as well as a potential new bioclimatic indicatorAgricultural and Forest Meteorology (Elsevier)1801June 2020+ More info
UNIFIPhenological Model Intercomparison for Estimating Grapevine Budbreak Date (Vitis vinifera L.) in EuropeApplied Sciences (MDPI)1801May 2020+ More info
UTADGrapevine Phenology in Four Portuguese Wine Regions: Modeling and PredictionsApplied Sciences (MDPI)1801May 2020+ More info
LISTBotRisk: simulating the annual bunch rot risk on grapevines (Vitis vinifera L. cv. Riesling) based on meteorological dataInternational Journal of Biometeorology1801May 2020+ More info
UTADWhat Is the Impact of Heatwaves on European Viticulture? A Modelling AssessmentApplied Sciences (MDPI)1801April 2020+ More info
UTADA Review of the Potential Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Options for European ViticultureApplied Sciences (MDPI)1801April 2020+ More info
LISTTemperature-based grapevine sugar ripeness modelling for a wide range of Vitis vinifera L. cultivarsAgricultural and Forest Meteorology (Elsevier)2001January 2020+ More info
LISTNatural compounds for controlling Drosophila suzukii. A reviewAgronomy for Sustainable Development (Springer)1911November 2019+ More info
UNIFIModelling sugar and acid content in Sangiovese grapes under future climates: an Italian case studyInter-Research Science Publisher1909September 2019+ More info
UTADAssessment of Growing Thermal Conditions of Main Fruit Species in Portugal Based on Hourly Records from a Weather Station NetworkApplied Sciences (MDPI)1909September 2019+ More info
LISTClimate change is implicating a two-fold impact on air temperature increase in the ripening period under the conditions of the Luxembourgish grapegrowing regionOENO One1907July 2019+ More info
UTADBioclimatic conditions of the Portuguese wine denominations of origin under changing climatesInternational Journal of Climatology (RMetS)1907July 2019+ More info
UTADRecent and future changes of precipitation extremes in mainland PortugalTheoretical and Applied Climatology (Springer)1907July 2019+ More info
LISTSemi-Minimal Pruned Hedge: A Potential Climate Change Adaptation Strategy in ViticultureAgronomy (MDPI)1904April 2019+ More info
UTADGrapevine Phenology of cv. Touriga Franca and Touriga Nacional in the Douro Wine RegionAgronomy (MDPI)1904April 2019+ More info
UTADNew insights into thermal growing conditions of Portuguese grapevine varieties under changing climatesTheoretical and Applied Climatology (Springer)1902February 2019+ More info
UTADClimate change projections for chilling and heat forcing conditions in European vineyards and olive orchards: a multi-model assessmentClimate Change (Springer)1901January 2019+ More info
UTADGrapevine abiotic stress assessment and the search for sustainable adaptation strategies.Agronomy for Sustainable Development (Springer)1812December 2018+ More info
UTADA comprehensive analysis of hail events in Portugal: Climatology and consistency with atmospheric circulationInternational Journal of Climatology (RMetS)1808August 2018+ More info
UTADVineyard mulching as a climate change adaptation measure: Future simulations for Alentejo, PortugalAgricultural Systems (Elsevier)1807July 2018+ More info
UTADImprovement of grapevine physiology and yield under summer stress by Kaolin foliar application: water relations, photosynthesis and oxidative damagePhotosynthetica (Springer)1806June 2018+ More info
UTADKaolin particle film application stimulates photoassimilate synthesis and modifies the primary metabolome of grape leavesJournal of Plant Physiology (Elsevier)1802February 2018+ More info
UTADViticultural irrigation demands under climate change scenarios in Portugal. Agricultural Water ManagementAgricultural Water Management (Elsevier)1801January 2018+ More info
UTADKaolin modulates ABA and IAA dynamics and physiology of grapevine under Mediterranean summer stressJournal of Plant Physiology (Elsevier)1801January 2018+ More info
LISTDas Klima im Weinbau in den letzten 50 JahrenDe Letzebuerger Bauer1801February 2022+ More info