• February 14, 2020

Clim4Vitis at the 12th annual winegrower meeting in Wormeldange, Luxembourg

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On February 5, 2020, a panel discussion on the topic “Climate change – How can we adapt?” took place during the 12th annual winegrower meeting in the town hall of Wormeldange in Luxembourg. Jürgen Junk and Daniel Molitor representing LIST and project Clim4Vitis were invited to participate in that discussion.

Due to the emerging number of extreme events, especially heatwaves and summer droughts in the last decade, the discussion evolved around the question how to provide sufficient water for the Luxembourgish vineyards in the future. Increasing the water-retaining organic carbon content of the soil, irrigation based on rainwater as well as on water from the river Mosel were discussed as potential adaptation strategies. Legal aspects of water acquisition in France, Luxembourg and Germany were compared. More than 150 wine growers, consultants, retailers, politicians and researchers joined the event that was organised by the Institut Viti-vinicole and the Fédération des Associations Viticoles.