Clim4Vitis days – Workshop, Farm visit and Staff Exchange– 09th-12th July Florence (Italy)

The second event of Clim4Vitis days was held in Florence (Italy) during the week of 09th-12th July 2019. In this location, several activities such as workshop, staff exchange, webinar, farm visit and the third project meeting were organized in accordance to the aim of Clim4Vitis project, which promotes the knowledge & technology transfer between partners in relation to the specific research field of viticulture and climate change.

The first activity, Clim4Vitis workshop (09th-10th July 2019), was focused on the different methodologies used for assessing climate change impacts in the viticulture sector. In this context, speakers from different Italian institutions presented studies and outcomes related to the new support systems, models and strategies for assessing climate change impact on viticulture and wine-making sector at macro and micro scale. After presentations, wide room was given to the audience for questions and discussion after each session. The two days workshop were attended by more than 70 participants, among agronomist, students, researchers and other wine growers.

The farm visit (10th July 2019) was held at the Fattoria Lavacchio ( located near Florence, in the Chianti Rufina hills. The farm manages 25 hectars of vineyards producing high quality of organic wines, reflecting the characteristic of the territory.

The last activity, Clim4Vitis staff exchange (12th July 2019), was promoted in order to give a general overview of the most important studies carried out in the viticulture sector. The day was organized including several speakers, which mainly work on different sectors of viticulture in the UNIFI (economic, pest and diseases, wine quality, precision agriculture, etc.) and UTAD (grapevine modelling). The staff exchange was attended by 53 participants, among agronomist, students, researchers and other wine growers.

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A focus on Clim4Vitis workshop

Open debate during Clim4Vitis workshop

The Clim4Vitis workshop was organized the days 09-10th July 2019 in Florence, Italy. The workshop starts with the welcome to the workshop given by Marco Bindi (UNIFI) and the presentation of Clim4Vitis project was led by Joao A. Santos (UTAD).

Afterwards, the topic of the workshop "Methodologies for assessing climate change impacts: Technical Aspects" was addressed by several speakers. The presentations were focused on the impact of climate change on crops (Marco Moriondo –CNR-IBE) and on viticulture sector (Antonello Bonfante - CNR-ISAFOM), the use of process-based models as integrated methodologies for assessing the climate change impacts (Giovanni Cappelli –CREA) and its importance for monitoring phytopatological and phenological vineyard conditions (Federico Spanna - Regione Piemonte and Claudio Cassardo - UNITO), the develop of support tools for viticulture (Vittorio Marletto –ARPAE) and the effect of the improving of soil protection and management on wine quality and the valorization of the main by-products and waste from the wine-making chain (Giovan Battista Mattii and Linda Salvi-UNIFI). The workshop was concluded with an open debate on the previous topics coordinated by Aureliano Malheiro (UTAD).

The webinar of the event was recorded and in real time online transmitted via UNIFI website during both days of Clim4Vitis workshop while some short interviews were organized with the speakers of the workshop. Open questions were provided to the speakers regarding the importance of developing methodologies and tools for assessing climate change impacts in viticulture and the positive aspects of initiatives such as Clim4Vitis workshop for disseminating and discussing of the researches among researcher and wine growers.

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Clim4Vitis dissemination at external events

Clim4Vitis partners disseminated the project in the following events:

  • From the 28th to the 31st of May 2019, the Clim4Vitis project was presented at the European Climate Change Adaptation Conference in Lisbon (Portugal);
  • From the 11th to the 13th of June 2019, the Clim4Vitis project poster was presented at the XXII National Agrometeorology Conference held in Naples (Italy);
  • From the 24th to the 25th of June 2019, the Clim4Vitis project was presented at 2nd International Conference of the ADAPTtoCLIMATE project held in Crete (Greece);
  • From the 9th to the 13th of September 2019, the Clim4Vitis project was presented at European Meteorological Society meeting in Copenhagen (Denmark);

Clim4Vitis stakeholders workshop

1st Clim4Vitis stakeholders workshop, Vila Real (Portugal), 15th January 2020

This workshop was a very good opportunity to make contacts with Portuguese stakeholders (viticulturists and wine producers) and to disseminate Clim4Vitis. After the opening session, with the participation of Prof. Tim Hogg, representing the CoLab Vines & Wines, and of Eng. José Manso, representing ADVID (wine producer association), the Clim4Vitis project was presented to the audience by its coordinator, João Santos (UTAD). Four technical a scientific short communications were then provided by invited speakers from INIAV, UTAD, ADVID and GEODOURO, covering wide range of technical aspects regarding the adaptation options of viticulture to climate change. After a short interval, the WS was followed by an open discussion with the thematic panel and by group discussions in order to identify and prioritize the different possible adaptation strategies. Overall, this WS was an excellent opportunity for two-way knowledge transfer and for capacity building.

2nd Clim4Vitis stakeholders workshop will be held near Florence (Italy) in March 2020

Future events in which Clim4Vitis has secured its participation

3-8th May 2020

European Geophysical Union General Assembly (EGU General Assembly) held at Wien (Austria).

12-13th May 2020

7th Edition of at Vila Real (Portugal).

14-16th May 2020

7th International Congress of Mountain and Steep Slopes Viticulture held at Vila Real (Portugal).

15-20th November 2020

XII International Terroir Congress held at Adelaide (Australia).

Clim4Vitis in the journals and in the news

The consortium has disseminated the project not only in scientific events but also in some major newspapers and radio channels, with the potential to reach a much larger audience in the partner countries.

Clim4Vitis association with the Applied Sciences journal (July, 2019)
Clim4Vitis is glad to associate with the Applied Sciences journal, an international peer-reviewed open access journal on applied natural sciences published semi-monthly online by MDPI. The journal covers all aspects of applied biology, applied chemistry, applied physics, and applied engineering. The journal is running a Special Issue – “Climate Change Impact on Viticulture and Potential Adaptation Strategies”, the guest editors of which are key Clim4Vitis project team memebers Dr. Joao Santos (UTAD, Portugal) and Dr. Daniel Molitor (LIST, Luxembourg).

Clim4Vitis partner awarded Dr. Peter May Award (November, 2019)
Dr. Daniel Molitor (LIST) was recently awarded Dr Peter May Award by the Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology (ASVO). This was during the “2019 Awards for Excellence” event that took place in Adelaide, Australia, on 12th November 2019. The honour rewards Daniel of the most cited research paper published in the Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research (AJGWR) in the previous five years. The prize winning publication titled “Late frost damage risk for viticulture under future climate conditions: a case study for the Luxembourgish winegrowing region” is co-authored by A. Caffarra, P. Sinigoj, I. Pertot, L. Hoffmann and J. Junk.

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The next event of Clim4Vitis project will be held in Luxembourg from the 17th to the 20th of February 2020.

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